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Excellence in consistent quality service delivery; honesty, integrity and trustworthiness with zero tolerance for all forms of corruption or malpractice


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Habib Investments has built a portfolio of related companies active in critical areas of the economy. The companies have spread to the energey sector, telecommunications, security services, RealEstate and Agriculture

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Social Responsibilities

Habib Investments, with guidance from our chairman, is involved in a vast number of social responsibilities that incude conservation of energy forcusing on a greener world, and the education sector

Social Responsibilities

About Us

Chairman's Foreword

About Us It has always been my belief that development cannot be, nor should it be, the remit of governments and international donors alone. Indeed, if economic development is to be long lasting and sustainable, it must take place through partnership and collaboration with private enterprise and local Government.

It was always my intention to contribute to Uganda's regeneration by sharing some of the insights and successes I was fortunate to gain, and by supporting the development efforts of the government through active investment in the private sector. Habib Investments is the realization of this commitment to being a key partner in the development of Uganda, East Africa, and Africa as a whole.

I hope you will be encouraged, in light of my vision, to give favorable consideration in partnering with us or engaging our consultancy services.

Alhaj Habib Kagimu
Chairman of the Board

Chairman's Profile

Our Mission Statement

A rounded umbrella organization bringing best practices, access to latest methods and links with international partners to become a key player in supporting the economic development efforts in the growth of Uganda and the region's economy.

Vision Statement

To be a regional and continental contributor to the economic development of Africa and Uganda in particular with the support of our associate companies and internationally recognized partners.

Our Values

Excellence in consistent quality service delivery; honesty, integrity and trustworthiness with zero tolerance for all forms of corruption or malpractice. Teamwork with leadership examples that guides as a role model. A fair and friendly management strategy aimed at being courteous and respectful to our staff and clients alike.

Our Partners
Our Team

Alhaj Ahmed Osman Noor

Chief Executive Officer

Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Habib Investments Ltd in 2010 being responsible for the.....

Haji Japher Kagimu

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Japer's main areas of focus are corporate governance and regulatory affairs, while he also oversees...

Haji. Edinani Koire

Chief Financial Officer

Appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2007 He is responsible for strategic planning and overseeing.....

Mr. Anthony Samuel

Business Development Director

Responsible for the preparation of potential growth opportunities, subsequent support and monitoring...

Eng. Serraj Kagimu


Serraj is a director at Habib Investiments Limited and is the General Manager in charge of the.....

Mr. Muayyad Kagimu


Muayyad is a Director at Habib Investiments Limited and oversees Range Protective Services Ltd omong .....

Mr. Paul Nkangi

Personal Assistant

In addition to being the Personal Assistant to our Chairman, AlHaj Habib....

Aparo Carol (LLB)

Legal Officer

Joined Habib Investments Limited as its In-House Legal Officer and Company Secretary in 2008....

Our Companies

Habib Investments has built a portfolio of associate companies active in a number of infrastructural and developmental areas. Some of the sectors we are currently involved in are:

  • Oil and Gass
  • Telecom Engineering
  • Real Estate Development
  • Agro- Industry
  • Security Services
  • Micro Finance
  • ITC Services
  • Investment Consultancy

Corporate Social Responsibilities

About Us Habib Investments Ltd has a deep commitment to the ongoing partnership between the private sector, education, development initiatives and has implemented a corporate social responsibility framework to coordinate its efforts that will see the creation of the Habib Foundation take place in the near future.
Meanwhile, Habib Investments Ltd is currently associated with the Makerere University Private Sector Forum (MUPSF), to promote greater links, collaboration and exchange between academia and the private sector.

Our chairman also supports the Makerere Mazruiana Project, an initiative by the MUPSF to honor the late Professor Ali Mazrui, one of Africa's most celebrated scholars.
Habib investment ltd is also a partner with the Kibo Foundation which offers training and encouragement in the field of ICT and leadership giving back to the community.

In a separate effort, Habib Investments Ltd has established the Itendero IT Change Project, a venture to roll out IT labs in rural schools, refurbish and construct school buildings, supply academic equipment , books, and sponsor needy students.



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